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Help Rebuild the House of Payne 

All orders must be in by June 5th

Orders will be ready to ship/pickup by June 19th

Thomas Payne (House of Payne) was one of a few local business owners affected by the tragic fire in Floral Park on Monday, April 17. Just months before the fire, Tom was so proud to show off the recent expansion and upgrades to his gym. It breaks our hearts to see the damage caused by the fire and all that he has lost. Tom is one of the most dedicated, passionate, and optimistic people you'll ever meet - there just isn't enough room on Earth to fit his big heart. He is a student of learning. He is continuously training - not just for himself, but to work towards earning certifications to ensure he is the best teacher and coach to his students. He has also earned his Level 1 Certified Professional certificate from Autism Fitness to better serve his special needs clients. Within hours of the devastating fire, all Tom could think about was how disappointed his special needs students would be because they wouldn't have a place to train. And within just a couple of days, another local gym owner has generously lent Tom some space so he can continue training these students. Please join me in supporting Tom by donating and/or helping share this fundraiser so we can help Tom rebuild the House of Payne. Thank you!

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